Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Rules: Socks & Shoes

When thinking socks and shoes we think the fashion error of socks and sandals. Yes the trend is geek chic but add's style to your feet.

Layering is everything. Dressing mannequins at Topshop has taught me this. Don't be scared to layer tights with socks and boots or double socks. Double up to get that layered feel and play with texture.

Winter tights with silky socks, pattern tights with pattern socks- really go for it with this look!

Happy socks x

Monday, 19 December 2011

GET THE LOOK: 20's inspired head accessories

This winter there is a new stylish way to keep your head warm and accessorised. Forget the standard ear muffs and knitted hats- it's all about bringing back the twenties and being glamorous with turbans and headbands.

Olivia Palermo (left hand photo), style icon has been wearing a black turban from Topshop with beaded and feather detailing. Look for any head accessories with beading, embellishment and feather detailing to get that 20's touch.

I have been wearing a light pink satin headband with jewelled broach and feather detailing which goes perfect with the 20's inspired trends which are hot this season. Mine is also from Topshop brought for £12.

Check out the winter twenties inspired trends here- 

I also brought a plain back turban from H&M for £7 and have accessorised it myself with peacock feathers and a vintage broach (a cheaper option).

Here are a few links of where to buy you winter must have:

Enjoy x